Friday, March 26, 2010

One month later...

Well, it's been a month since we've been at our new home and things have come along a little.  No major changes yet, the popcorn ceilings will be the first thing to go but they'll have to wait a little longer.  This week and next we have friends and family visiting so I put my priorities on the guest bedroom and bathroom.  A little decorating never hurt, right?? ;-)  It gave me a good excuse to get things organized, boxes put away etc.  Here are a few pics of some new touches... it's all in the details!

Guest bedroom: new bed decor and decorative toss pillows (my favorite thing to buy)

Guest bath: Amy Butler hand towels from BB&B (love em!!) and weird little pom pom wood stems from Michaels in a vase from Homegoods.

"Book Origami": a little idea I found online of taking old books and folding the pages to create a 3-d shape (one book took about 2 hours - not bad for a unique craft project and a perfect example of taking something old and bringing it back to life in a whole new way).

Gramps!!  I love old pictures, especially those of my family.  This one in particular is my Grandpa Stone's senior high school photo (such a cutie!).  I have it on my mantle as a constant reminder of what a great man he was.  Mom, if you read this, I want more pics like this of the whole family so if you can help me out and scan me some, it would be much appreciated ;-)

Succulents!!!  Easy to care for plants that have some really cool details.  These are my favorites.

Master bedroom: Shabby Chic bedding from Target and some pretty pillows again!

Temporary side tables (I'll post pics of the birch tables as soon as I get some time to make them!)


  1. Looking very shabby chic, Cal

  2. I saw this all in person and it was so cute and sooo Calli! Great job! Miss you already!