Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Officially Official!!!

We're homeowners!!! The house is officially ours after yesterday's closing.  Everything went fairly smooth and I can't wait to move in this weekend.  We can finally call a place our OWN after living in Texas for 4 years (yes, it's been that long already...insane)!

SO, my image for the week is a lamp I bought from Homegoods last weekend for $40.  I didn't like to shade that came with it so, of course, my automatic reaction was to swap it out for a prettier one on another lamp, hehe... yeah, obviously this is a problem in the store so they ZIP TIE their shades to their lamps.  After placing it in my buggy and walking around with it for about 20 mins. trying to figure out how I could cut the damn thing off, I gave up and just bought it as is. 

My solution? To wrap the shade in some leftover burlap from the wedding and put on a couple nice accents:
Pretty silver "Geenie Bottle" style lamp with burlap covered shade, silver trim and and aqua ribbon.

When I was done, I thought I might turn it on to further enjoy my craft o' the day:

Surprise!!! The original shade shines through!!!  Now, normally I would be upset and disappointed in the fact that I didn't think ahead about something like this but, on this occasion, I think I might just like the stubborn pattern underneath (notice Dave on the couch).

Friday, February 19, 2010


I can't take the credit for the idea... My sister Morgan got me and Kate felt headbands that she bought off from the seller "Candy Thief" (check her out!) and I guess I got a little inspired. Here is my collection so far:

If you're interested in one, send me a message!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Future House Project: 1

Dave and I have several projects planned for when we move into our new house.  One in which I'm super excited about is our bedroom side tables.  We want to make as many things as we can, both to save some mullah and because it's fun stuff.

My idea for the side tables was to get a bundle of logs, nail/glue them in a circular shape and wrap them with maybe some rope or a leather strap of some kind.  I googled the idea and found this... EXACTLY what I had in mind:

Birch logs wrapped with a leather rope topped with glass for a clean, finished look.  Can't wait!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm a blogger?!?

Answer: Yes and no.  No because writing is not my specialty, especially when it comes to 'posting' articles on a set schedule (for those of you that know me, you completely understand this), but technically, yes because I have my own blog page...whatever.  Honestly, this post will probably be one of the longest I write.  My intention is to share pictures and images of some of the "stuff" I like to work on in my free time as well as to keep up with my family and friends from home who I don't get to see or speak with as often as I'd like.  I know I'm hard to get ahold of (for this I apologize :-/ ), but I like to believe that it's because I don't rely on my phone the way a 14-year old girl relies on text shorthand for a "do or die" chatting session (eh emm, Katie) - j/k <-------(shorthand, yikes!)  

Anyway, this is my blogging intro and I'm going to do my darndest to keep up with the writing part. There might be pictures galore but just bear with me...