Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Officially Official!!!

We're homeowners!!! The house is officially ours after yesterday's closing.  Everything went fairly smooth and I can't wait to move in this weekend.  We can finally call a place our OWN after living in Texas for 4 years (yes, it's been that long already...insane)!

SO, my image for the week is a lamp I bought from Homegoods last weekend for $40.  I didn't like to shade that came with it so, of course, my automatic reaction was to swap it out for a prettier one on another lamp, hehe... yeah, obviously this is a problem in the store so they ZIP TIE their shades to their lamps.  After placing it in my buggy and walking around with it for about 20 mins. trying to figure out how I could cut the damn thing off, I gave up and just bought it as is. 

My solution? To wrap the shade in some leftover burlap from the wedding and put on a couple nice accents:
Pretty silver "Geenie Bottle" style lamp with burlap covered shade, silver trim and and aqua ribbon.

When I was done, I thought I might turn it on to further enjoy my craft o' the day:

Surprise!!! The original shade shines through!!!  Now, normally I would be upset and disappointed in the fact that I didn't think ahead about something like this but, on this occasion, I think I might just like the stubborn pattern underneath (notice Dave on the couch).

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