Friday, August 27, 2010

dresser revived.

I'm so so so so happy for this project to be over with but I must say it was ALL well worth it.  I love my new dresser and it adds the mid century modern touch to our bedroom that I've been looking for.  I bought the solid wood dresser off craigslist for $65 and put about 2 month's worth of  weekends sanding and painting into it (those paint layers take time!)  Here are some before and after pics. 
Before, well, after it was sanded (I forgot to take BEFORE before pics so this is what you get).  It even looks beautiful here as is - my opinion.

After the first top painted layer (I got excited).
After.  And there she is... my beaut.  In our bedroom against the back wall.  Now I need to paint those walls...
After.  Opposite angle
After.  Here's a close up of the inverse stencil I did on the side which carries up over the top (that paint job was hell).
After. And probably my most favorite touch of it all... the label holders.  I bought some antique distressed label holders to go on the front of the drawers.  In my opinion, they totally top it off!
After.  We won't "mention" what's in THAT drawer... Oh, it's just my gutchies and braziers, come one people!

Until next post...


  1. Looks AWESOME, Calli! I think design*sponge would TOTALLY take this one so SUBMIT IT! :) Okay, for real now. On to upholstery! :)

  2. Thank you. I'm one step ahead oh you. Already submitted it! It's almost just like a personal goal of mine now. I gotta get on that website!

  3. I absolutely love this! i was wondering if you sealed/top coated the paint with anything and if so what? and did u use a high gloss oil or acrylic paint?

  4. Thank you so much!! I did seal the top with a clear gloss laquer (brushed it on - 2 coats). For the paint, I just used latex paint in a flat finish. I'm pretty sure you can put the laquer on all paint types though.

  5. Love it! Great dresser! I'm also dying over your lamp/lampshade and those gorgeous little aqua blue vessels. Are they vintage? Is the lampshade DIY? Or can I buy my own somewhere???

  6. Thanks Sue!
    The lamp was from Homegoods (I got it for a steal) - the shade came with it but I wasn't feeling the pattern so I covered it in burlap and put the silver trim on the bottom and added the aqua ribbon for some color (it was a very easy DIY project and inexpensive). The small blue hobnail vase is from Hobby Lobby (they have a ton of them and I happened to get this one in the clearance section for $1!). The other blue jar is from Urban Outfitters. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Great Job! Found you on Design Sponge, you are very talented, can't wait to see what else you DIY!

  8. Visiting from Design Sponge to say, How do people do stuff like this?! Amazing!

  9. Do you still receive these comments? I hope so! I'm wondering how you achieved the pattern...I'm hoping to make something similar using contact paper as a stencil. Do you have a tutorial?

    Love. It.