Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Before and After: Table from a friend...

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I've posted anything on here.  Dave and I have been busy painting our kitchen cabinets, trying to get them to a point where we could stand, and actually it's coming a long very nicely.  My sister, Morgan, came down last weekend and she helped me out with the stencilling on the doors... I'm not going to post pics yet only b/c I want to wait until the entire thing is complete!  This includes:
-painting over our laminate counter tops... that's right, PAINTING them :-)
-putting up a tile backsplash
-scraping off the popcorn ceiling
-adding new light fixtures
We have A LOT ahead of us but I cannot wait until it's all said and done! 

Until then, here is a before and after post to calm your taste buds...
About a year ago, my friend Colleen gave me a set of nesting tables that needed a little bit of work.  I took them on and it was only recently that I had the chance to make any progress.  There are two tables in all. Here are some before pics:

Top: The larger of the two tables
Bottom: The table that... "nests" under the top :-)
These pics are after I gave them a sanding.

As of now, I've only been able to refinish the larger of the two tables.  Here is it's after pics:

Amy Butler fabric spray mounted on top of table and framed with wood molding painted in chartreuse.  Mini aqua ball fringe around the bottom edge of the table for an added 'POP' of color. 

Whenever I do the smaller table, I think I might have to paint it a bright aqua to carry on the whimsy of the larger one. 

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